Access to the WMA

Usually you pay for what you get or so they say. The cost of entering the Sicily Island Hills Wildlife Management Area is priceless if you take into consideration all that you enjoy for such a small amount. As of this writing, 6/28/10, the entry fee to Sicily Island Hills WMA or any Louisiana state wildlife management area is a minimum of $5.50 for a Wild Louisiana Stamp, which is subject to change, but admission to WMA’s is good for a year from date of purchase. If you already have a valid LDWF fishing or hunting license or prefer to buy such a license, that is also acceptable for entry into Louisiana wildlife management areas. If you are under the age of 16 or over the age of 60, you are exempt from this requirement.

Be aware that this entry fee is enforced, as it should be, and is applicable to anyone who enters a wildlife management area. This fee includes bikers, birders, fishermen, hikers and hunters.

Furthermore, all persons that enter the Sicily Island Hills Wildlife Management Area are required to fill out what is called a Self-Clearing Permit. Look at the link on the left side of this page entitled WMA Map. The legend of the map shows a black circle with a white letter S within it.  Now look at the map. On the north and south side of the wma, there are Self-Clearing Permit Stations. For example, on the southern portion of the wma by the primitive campground there is a bulletin board with a box attached to it. This is where you pick up the permit and fill it out. Keep part of it with you and your vehicle. When you are leaving the wma drop the permit in the box.

Self-Clearing Permits benefit you whether you realize it or not. By filling it out and participating in the program you are helping the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries keep up with accurate usage of the wma. Data such as this is used when budget time rolls around. So please pick up and fill out a Self-Clearing Permit each time you visit the Sicily Island Hills Wildlife Management Area. It is required and it helps for better use of resources at the wildlife management area.

Fees or other entry requirements are, as I stated previously, subject to change. Check with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries office nearest you for the latest wma entry information.


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