Be prepared for possible encounters with snakes during your visit to the Sicily Island Hills

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Homepage

Snakes, you either love them or hate them. Several species inhabit the Sicily Island Hills. The photograph below is of canebrake rattlesnake observed in April by Kelby Ouchley and friends along the road near the trail head to Rock Falls.

Photograph courtesy of Kelby Ouchley

Snake bites or other injuries that could occur as you trek the rough terrain of the Sicily Island Hills, are all the more reason why it is highly advisable not to travel alone in this area. The help of a friend during a serious situation in these remote hills could save your life. Learning how to deal with snake bites is something too many people put off. Know before you go out in the woods.

Refer to my September 30, 2009 post  for more information on snakes in the Sicily Island Hills. See Archives on left hand side of this page.


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