The Latest News from Sicily Island Hills

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Homepage

I just received correspondence from Lowery Moak of the Sicily Island Hills WMA office with news about the wma. The adult lottery turkey hunt will be wrapping up at Easter and he predicts the  number of turkeys harvested on the wma will be about average, in the range of 6 to 8 birds. He also reported that 3 turkeys were harvested during the annual youth lottery hunt.

The amount of rainfall is about average lately, but the drier, hotter months of summer are ahead.

From a scientific perspective, a southern pine beetle monitoring project will be beginning soon and a group from the University of Louisiana-Monroe will be conducting a herpetology study this spring as well.

Lowery informed me that Clyde Thompson, the technician at the wma, retired in February. I personally would like to thank Clyde for all his hard work at the wma and for his generous answers to my questions over the years. The new technician at Sicily Island Hills is named Kenneth Cowart, and I wish him well in his work at SIHWMA. Without gentlemen like Clyde, Kenneth, Lowery and more, the wildlife management area would not be the place it is today.


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