RVing in the Sicily Island Hills

Posted: April 23, 2011 in Homepage

The Sicily Island Hills are a great place to go camping but you will be more comfortable if you bring an RV.  Primitive camp sites with no facilities await the visitor. So if you want a bathroom, electricity or water, you must bring your own. Travelers within this wildlife management area (wma) encounter generally good gravel roads. Due to seasonal heavy down pours road conditions are subject to change but that is not a reflection on the wma staff.  Rather, the soils and the climate of these hills are game changers.

The southern entrance off of LA 8 to the area is quite different and the situation limits the size of your RV. After entering the wildlife management area, the driver will soon find a moderately steep hill with a curve. Additionally, the gravel is loose making travel difficult, so larger RV’s are not advised. I do not know a hard-and-fast rule for how large a rig you can take into this wma. To suggest a size would be speculation. Personally, I have visited these hills dozens of times and never seen a vehicle larger than a full-size pick up truck. If you visit the Sicily Island Hills for the first time it might be wise to come in a pick up and evaluate the roads yourself. Should you be coming from a great distance, you might call the staff ahead of time to inquire about road conditions.

The north side entrance to the Sicily Island Hills WMA provides better access for motor homes and trailers.


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