Mountain Biking in the Sicily Island Hills

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Homepage

Given the extreme terrain within the Sicily Island Hills, it would seem that this would be a mountain bikers paradise. Alas, the very soil that provides the steep slopes also is very prone to damage and erosion. In checking with Lowery Moak the biologist in charge of SIHWMA, I learned that mountain bikes used within the wildlife management area are only allowed on the gravel roads and atv trails (in season only) and are never allowed on the hiking trails.

If you are wishing to ride bicycles within the Sicily Island Hills Wildlife Wildlife Management Area, your options are the existing gravel roads and the all terrain vehicle trails (subject to the regulations governing atv trails). The gravel roads that traverse the Sicily Island Hills vary from level to moderately steep by Louisiana standards, so there are some possibilities.

There is a place within the Sicily Island Hills but outside the wildlife management area that is open to the idea of mountain bikes. Check out Catahoula Recreation by clicking on the ATV link along the left margin. Primarily for motorized vehicles, contact them before you travel there and discover the potentialities,prices and rules involved with mountain biking there.


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