Oil and Gas Wells in the Sicily Island Hills

Posted: July 29, 2010 in Homepage

From the Haynesville Shale of northwest Louisiana to the famous offshore platforms and hundreds if not thousands of wells in between, oil and gas exploration is synonymous with the Pelican state. In the early 1900’s the Monroe Gas Field was one of the largest known fields in the world at that time. As we all know with the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico sometimes things don’t go as we expected.All of this got me to thinking about the history of oil and gas exploration within the Sicily Island Hills, not just the wildlife management area.


SONRIS Oil and Gas Wells

Click on the above map to enlarge it. Click on your browsers back button to return to this page. There are several P&A, that is plugged and abandoned, oil and gas wells within the Sicily Island Hills including one oil and gas field well pit. This information was retrieved from the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources SONRIS web page. The locations seem by my observation to trend parallel with, but well north and south of Big Creek. That is to say the trend is in a southwest-northeast direction. Additionally, the wells appear to be spread out, rather than concentrated in one area. There are, according to Lowery Moak the biologist in charge of Sicily Island Hills WMA, no active wells within the Sicily Island Hills WMA.

  1. mary Barrett says:

    Are you in need, or, are you interested in knowing more about that oil and gas history? I have a background in old oil field sites and would volunteer to look into it if it was of interest to you.

    Mary Barrett, Ph.D.
    petroleum geologist

    • sicilyislandhills says:

      Yes, I would be delighted if you could explore the history of oil and gas exploration in SIH. Thank you so much for your kind offer.

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