The Sicily Island Hills During Times of Heavy Rain

Posted: June 13, 2010 in Homepage

The Sicily Island Hills are a great place to relax during the hot, humid summer months. Shady forested streams and waterfalls create refreshing experiences. This gift of nature must be visited with a certain reverence. The steepness of the terrain, soft soil and loose rocks make for difficult footing. When it rains, hiking trails and rocky streams become slick and dangerous. During times of heavy rainfall the streams and trails of the Sicily Island Hills have the potential to be deadly.

I have hiked the Rock Falls trail to the waterfall and even down into the gorge below during a brief summer thunderstorm. The trail was treacherous and I had to hold onto tree saplings as I descended the hill. The waterfall normally eases over its rocky ledge and drops more or less straight down into a pool it has carved out of the sandstone base. But on that day the waterfall poured forth with extra gusto and advanced further forward than I had ever seen with much more volume.

Don’t imitate my error in judgement. While it was still raining heavily I was walking in the gorge in front of the waterfall. The stream in this location is usually ankle deep, however before long it rose halfway to my knees before I decided better of it and moved back up to the hiking trail. Just how deep the water became I will never know as I chose to seek the shelter of my car to dry off before the trip back to Monroe.

So what I am telling you is do not be caught on the streams or trails of Sicily Island Hills during heavy rain. Be aware of the weather conditions before your trip. Has it been raining at Sicily Island Hills for several days and is the soil saturated? Is it raining or are thunderstorms in the area or are there storms predicted? Check the weather online or NOAA Weather Radio. The unexpected can happen so always prepare and raise your awareness level. Have a plan and stick to it. Never visit the Sicily Island Hills alone. If you are severely injured having a fellow hiker with you could be crucial to your survival.

There are many wonderful experiences awaiting you amongst the forest of the Sicily Island Hills. Respect the inherent dangers and you will live to tell others about your adventure.

Always remember to have the proper license or permit in your possession when you are within the Sicily Island Hills Wildlife Management Area as a license or permit is required. The simplest way to be in compliance is to purchase a Wild Louisiana Stamp which as of this writing is $5.50. With the purchase of a Wild Louisiana Stamp you are allowed access to LDWF wildlife management areas all over Louisiana for an entire year, subject to the date of purchase. One payment of $5.50 seems like an extreme bargain when you consider all the outdoor experiences available for a year.


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