Turkey Hunting During 2010 at Sicily Island Hills

Posted: March 14, 2010 in Homepage

Birdwatchers, Hikers and Nature Lovers Please Take Note!

Sicily Island Hills Wildlife Management Area makes up the vast majority of the Sicily Island Hills bioregion. This message is for all that visit the Sicily Island Hills and is not intended to philosophically divide those that visit the area to hunt from those who do not hunt. Simply put, it is about safety and respect. If there is a hunting event by lottery only on certain dates, it would be best to delay your visit to the area if you are not involved in that event. Were it not for hunters these hills might not be in the state of accessibility and preservation that currently exists. Out of respect for the multiple uses of Sicily Island Hills Wildlife Management Area, it would be advisable to visit for non-hunting purposes on other dates.

Additionally, be aware that if you visit the Sicily Island Hills WMA or any Louisiana  WMA,  you must be in possession of one of the following; a valid LDWF fishing license, a valid LDWF hunting license, or a valid Wild Louisiana Stamp.   Minimal expense for maximum enjoyment is what you get when you make one of these purchases. Not only that, but when you buy one of these licenses or stamps, two things happen. Funding for maintaining your wildlife management areas and the Louisiana Natural Heritage Program is provided. You will avoid the sting of being cited for being in violation of LDWF regulations. I purchase a Wild Louisiana Stamp, I heartily suggest you purchase one as well.

The youth turkey hunt  has come and gone, but the current dates for regular turkey hunting are as follows and are only for those chosen in the special lottery of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. If you go turkey hunting on these dates or at any other times and are not chosen by the LDWF for this lottery, you will be in violation of hunting regulations.


March 20-22
March 23-25
March 26-28
March 29-April 2

This information is posted on
the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries website at:



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