The Four Seasons at Sicily Island Hills

Posted: March 5, 2010 in Homepage

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Whether you go to the Sicily Island Hills to bike, bird watch, hike or just commune with nature, each season is unique.

In Winter, with the exception of Beech, Magnolia and Pine trees, the foliage of the vast timber is on the forest floor, leaving the trees bare. At this time of year the tree trunks stand out against the backdrop of the steep hills, so it is a great time to go birding. Every thirty years or so, to make winter especially delightful, there is heavy snowfall.

In Spring, wildflowers and trees begin to put on a show. Dogwoods, magnolias, and Silky Camellias fill the forest with their white blossoms. By watching the weather radar maps at home online, you may be able to visit the waterfalls at Sicily Island Hills during a torrential downpour. Just remember that heavy rain makes for slippery slopes and dangerous conditions.

Summer brings the shade of trees and the running water of the waterfalls is a welcome retreat from heat and humidity. Wildflowers for the most part on break for the summer due to high heat and summer drought.

Fall brings cooler, less rainy, and less humid weather normally, and the search for colorful foliage. The fall of 2009 was an exception with copious amounts of rain falling in a short period of time.


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