Youth Turkey Hunt in the Sicily Island Hills

Posted: March 1, 2010 in Homepage

Birdwatcher, Hiker, Nature Lover Alert!

Each year at  the Sicily Island Hills WMA, there is a date set aside for a Youth Turkey Hunt.  March 13th is the date for this 2010 youth hunt. Participants are chosen by lottery.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries works hard to make this special day a success for the youth involved so please consider this if making plans to visit the Sicily Island Hills.

That birdwatchers, hikers or other nature lovers would feel inconvenienced is unfortunate. Think about it, were it not for the fact that the Sicily Island Hills Wildlife Management Area was purchased and developed for wildlife management including hunting, this unique place might be privately owned and unavailable for recreational use of all types.

So please be aware of hunting seasons and dates at Sicily Island Hills and hug a hunter next time you see him or her. Their recreational pursuit brought about the initial preservation of the Sicily Island Hills and created your opportunity to enjoy this wonderful piece of terra firma.

For more information go to the LDWF site at:

Once again,  unless you are participating in the Youth Turkey Hunt, please choose to not visit Sicily Island Hills on March 13, 2010.

“The beauty of the Sicily Island Hills is not just in the scenery, but in the camaraderie and cooperation achieved there, to the benefit of all.


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