Preserving the Sicily Island Hills

Posted: February 17, 2010 in Homepage

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One of the many goals of this blog is to help preserve the Sicily Island Hills, not for my exclusive benefit, but for the enjoyment of future generations. I feel a deep sense of responsibility to encourage people to protect the Sicily Island Hills for while I am not the only one spreading the word about this place, the reach of the Internet is worldwide. I am just one individual but we need thousands to be watchdogs to prevent abuse and destruction of this incredible space.  As we will see in coming years as we look back at the photographs taken here, we shall visually track the progress or the decline of these hills.

What can we do now to help this cause?

  • Avoid the temptation to carve your name or other messages into the soft rocks in the gorge.
  • Buy a Wild Louisiana Stamp. Purchase of these stamps provides funds for the Louisiana Natural Heritage Program.
  • Walk lightly and realize your visitation can and does affect the environment here.
  • When visiting pack out your trash and although its a pain, pick up the trash that others leave behind.

Rock Falls

Educate others about how special the Sicily Island Hills are and how they can be a peaceful and wonderful retreat for generations to come if we only appreciate and protect this special place.

Little Bryce Canyon

In places like the above photograph, which I call Little Bryce Canyon, erosion has taken its toll on its natural beauty. This spot and places similar to it at Sicily Island Hills have changed dramatically due to the fragile nature of the soil and heavy rainfall so typical of Louisiana. The above photograph was taken approximately 2005, but as seen on my other posts or on the Photo/Maps page it no longer exhibits the vivid columnar formations. For example, look at my February 12, 2010 post and see the difference in the photo titled “Little Bryce Canyon after Snow”. While the photos were taken by two different people, and from  different angles, the changes are very apparent.


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