Hiking has its benefits in the Sicily Island Hills

Posted: February 10, 2010 in Homepage

Hiking the Sicily Island Hills is a great way to leave the city behind and revel in the natural beauty of the forest and waterfalls.

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Rock Falls February 12, 2010

Remember that the majority of the Sicily Island Hills and the roads that lead into them are within the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries wildlife management area. Therefore, you need to be in possession of one of the following, a valid Wild Louisiana Stamp, a valid LDWF hunting License orvalid LDWF fishing License.

At the very least, I would suggest to you the purchase of a Wild Louisiana Stamp for the unbelievable price of $5.50. The reason I would use that adjective is, how many things can you do in this life over and over again and only pay $5.50? With a valid Wild Louisiana Stamp in hand you can visit any of the Louisiana state wildlife management areas repeatedly for an entire year. So, if you visit a Louisiana state wma, be sure to have the proper license or stamp. A citation for not having the before mentioned could hurt your wallet and ruin your trip. Also, these licenses and stamps are only valid on Louisiana state wma’s, not federal areas.

But an even better reason to purchase a Wild Louisiana Stamp is that the purchase of this stamp provides much needed operating funds for the Louisiana Natural Heritage Program. Scientists working in this program work tirelessly to study and preserve our environment statewide, in places just like the Sicily Island Hills.

Another wonderful value is membership in the Louisiana Hiking Club. The LHC, of which I am a member, engages in hikes within Louisiana’s borders and also takes hiking trips to other parts of the lower 48. For a mere $10 annual membership, you can join this group to enjoy hiking experiences, meet other hikers from around the state,volunteer to work on trail maintenance projects and learn camping techniques.

You may click the Louisiana Hiking Club link at left to visit their website.


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