The Sicily Island Hills and the Mississippi Flyway

Posted: January 27, 2010 in Homepage

The Mississippi Flyway is a route that many kinds of birds, not just ducks, use when migrating. To get a feel for this route, drive along the Great River Road, that historical, scenic byway in the very heart of our country, and you will see the landscape unfold from Minnesota all the way to Louisiana.  Draining a very large area of the central portion of the United States, the Mississippi River has scoured out an ecologically rich and broad valley, thus you will find not only low elevations, but forests, fields and water that provides an irresistible route for migratory birds.

The Sicily Island Hills are right in the path of this flyway.

To see  maps of North America featuring the Mississippi Flyway click on my Mississippi Flyway Map and Mississippi Flyway Map 2 links at lower left.

* Note the Mississippi Flyway Map 2 is provided courtesy of and may not be copied from this or their website. Refer to the copyright information on the bottom of the home page.

Birds by the millions fly up and down the Mississippi River valley, north or south, depending on the time of year. Each of these birds has particular habitats in which it prefers to feed or nest. Positioned adjacent to the Mississippi River Alluvial Plain, it is reasonable to assume that many birds passing through the area might stop in the Sicily Island Hills on their long journey.

With few ponds and no lakes in these hills , it would be safe to say other areas nearby might offer reasonable chances of birds that choose aquatic habitats. But for birds that like dense forest, the Sicily Island Hills are a place where food and protection are abundant.

To learn more about birds in general and their habitats, along with range maps click on my All About Birds link at left, which will take you to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website.

So if you are visiting Natchez or just happen to be passing through the area and have time to enjoy the peaceful sounds of deep forest, stop and enjoy the wonders of the Sicily Island Hills.

  1. Mung says:

    Neat stuff. While in SIH on Feb. 13, I saw a large woodpecker, and allowed myself to fantasize about an Ivory Billed. It was just a large Pileated, of course, but one can dream. The gravel operations at the top have left a couple of nice ponds, and once you get down in the bottoms there are remnant sloughs and scars from Big Creek. Beavers will make ponds also, and I flushed a good number of wood ducks in one. This is a really neat spot.

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