Louisiana Chosen Happiest State in the U.S.A.

Posted: December 19, 2009 in Homepage

I am really happy whenever I have the opportunity to visit the Sicily Island Hills. To stand in the forest, to hear the sound of the many birds and to listen to the waterfalls, to explore a new section or to experience the wildlife of these hills is very peaceful to me.

Recently,  a scientific study was released that studied several factors in all fifty states and the happiness of those states residents. Louisiana was number one. I contacted Dr. Stephen Wu, one of the researchers of that study and he gave me permission to mention his work on this blog.

For all the negative publicity that Louisiana often receives, it was refreshing to see a positive result about Louisiana from someone outside our state. From the beautiful scenery to the people who inhabit this state, we have much of which to be proud. Are things perfect? No, but life is pretty good here in many ways.

We should be proud of the recognition and ever mindful of not taking things for granted.


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