Listen to the Sicily Island Hills

Posted: October 27, 2009 in Homepage

We live such busy lives nowadays, how often do we stop and just enjoy a moment of stillness and reflection? Hiking and walking are for me a time to put the everyday world aside and to appreciate my surroundings. In July of this year my son Landon and I hiked the trails of Glacier National Park in Montana. High up in the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen, we stopped frequently to photograph wildflowers, observed mountain goats far across the valley, watched clouds roll in over the mountain tops, talked to other hikers including a fellow from Pennsylvania who was originally from New Orleans and stopped for a moment and listened to the wind flow past us down the valley with thankful hearts just to be there. Occasionally we may think of introspection, but how often do we let our self drift into extrospection?


Listen with your soul

On your next trip to the Sicily Island Hills I suggest if you can, to go there with the idea of taking your time and just letting the day drift by with no sense of hurry or schedule. Relax and listen to the natural sounds that occur. Birds singing, leaves rustling, or waterfalls pouring over stone ledges, sounds that transport me to a place of peace and thankfulness.

With hunting season here, you might want to wait on this tranquil adventure till late winter or spring. But when you do go, arrive with a sense of enjoyment.

Dress well, walk carefully, prepare with purpose and have a safe time.

  1. Jason Polk says:

    The Sicily Island hills are a wonderful place to explore. As a child, I roamed most of those hills and most folks would be very surprised and the streams and waterfalls that are hidden gems.

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