Trees of Sicily Island Hills

Posted: October 26, 2009 in Homepage

Fall is one of my favorite times of year, especially in Louisiana. The heat of summer has abated, usually replaced with lower humidity and crisp nights. And normally there is less rain than in winter or spring. As far as fall color in forests, New England this area is not. Rather than huge mind boggling displays of autumn colors so often seen in other parts of the country, one must seek out the isolated instances of oranges, reds and yellows amongst a sea of browns or fading greens.

One of the many wonderful features of the Sicily Island Hills is its dense and diverse forests. Walking the roads and trails here, the visitor is in close proximity to trees of many ages and species. In the Rock Falls canyon, or if you prefer gorge, the slopes are peppered with pine trees, Magnolia grandiflora and Fagus grandiflora or the more familiar term American Beech.

What could be more southern than the evergreen Magnolia?


Magnolia Blossom in late spring by Bob Powers

Special thanks are in order to Dr.Steve Baskauf for kind permission in providing the color photographs in this post from the Bioimages website
Thanks also to the Department of Biological Sciences at Vanderbilt University for providing the hosting of Bioimages.

After fall, the light brown leaves of the American Beech persist on its branches through the winter and are an easy mark for identification, especially on the many small specimens of this tree in the understory.

Am Beech

American Beech in Summer - Bioimages

In this area you also will find the Silky Camellia or Stewartia malacodendron, a large shrub or to some a small tree. (Sorry, no photo yet)

Sweetgum is usually a dependable tree for fall color with either displays of red or yellow.

Sweet Gum - Bioimages

The trees of Sicily Island Hills provide food for birds, including turkeys, deer, squirrels and other animals. A place to nest or seek refuge can also be found here.

Other trees or large shrubs with tree-like characteristics of note within the Sicily Island Hills include:

American Holly

American Holly - Bioimages

B Gum

Black Gum - Bioimages


BlackJack Oak - Bioimages

Blue Beech

Blue Beech -Bioimages

Car Buck

Carolina Buckthorn - Bioimages

CherryBark Oak - Bioimages


Eastern Hophornbeam - Bioimages

Shortleaf Pine

Shortleaf Pine - Bioimages

Post Oak - Bioimages

Water Oak - Bioimages

White Oak - Bioimages

Also: Ash,  Elm, Hickory, Longleaf Pine.


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