Sicily Island Hills Daffodil Scenic Byway

Posted: October 22, 2009 in Homepage

People that love flowers will often travel great distances on annual pilgrimages
to visit public gardens or wildflower spectaculars. The rural landscape of east central Louisiana, especially the area surrounding the Sicily Island Hills, is an area that could embrace and sustain a floral scenic byway.

Daffodil Dreams

Well, what exactly does all that mean? Primarily, I am referring to a systematic grassroots effort to inspire area gardeners to plant daffodils in their yards alongside area roads. The highways around and leading to the Sicily Island Hills would be a perfect place to create a floral tourist destination. Over a period of years for example, daffodils could be planted so densely in peoples yards, that tourists would travel to the area just to see the hundreds of millions of blossoms.  Of course, travelers would need gasoline, snacks or full meals, and  possibly a nights lodging. Perhaps a creative and industrious person, organization, or school could even take a chance and develop a daffodil ordering system. Visitors could order the bulbs in spring while the daffodils are putting on their show, from forms available at area retailers, and have the bulbs shipped to their home in time for fall planting.

The world of daffodils is so much more than just the common and ubiquitous large cup yellow varieties. There are hundreds of varieties of daffodils with endless combinations of orange, pink, white and yellow. Daffodil bulbs are available locally or through catalog sources from all around the world. Some of the daffodils seen in the photo above were purchased in England and New Zealand.  Prices range from relatively cheap on sale to very expensive rare hybrids. Daffodils are like most things in life. You pay a premium for a premium item. Live a little. Get out of your comfort zone. If you can afford it, splurge on daffodils with split coronas. Enjoy some peach colored hybrids. You deserve it.  Do you see my passion for the power of plants?

In short, a simple idea of bringing people to the area could increase tourist awareness of the area, beautify landscapes, instill pride in area residents, and entice visitor spending.


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