Village of Sicily Island

Posted: June 24, 2009 in Homepage
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This post has less to do with the Sicily Island Hills and more to do with my personal history with the nearby village of Sicily Island. When I was a senior in high school in Monroe,our football team ended the season 7-0-2 and did not make the playoffs. It kind of stung, no losses and no playoffs.  One of the district ties was with Buckeye and the other was with you guessed it, Sicily Island. Two of the things I remember best about Sicily Island High School football was that they were always ready to play hard and they ran a most unusual offense. Sicily Island High was in fact famous for many years for very successfully running the Notre Dame Box offense, an offense little used in modern times as its origins were back to the 1910’s.

Back in the old days when you  travelled south to Baton Rouge on a two lane road through Sicily Island and had to stop before proceeding east on LA 15, there was a tiny mom and pop hamburger place on the south side of the highway that made the best hamburgers. Those were the days.

Not too far southeast of the village of Sicily Island was a greenhouse operation called Gus Watson Wholesale Greenhouses. I did not have occasion to buy much from him over the years when I was in the garden center business but I knew of other garden retailers in the Monroe area who did. I always found it sort of odd that a wholesale greenhouse could make a go of it in a very rural area, distant from large cities. But it just goes to show if you work hard and have a good product, with a good business plan you can make it anywhere.


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