Rock Falls

Posted: June 23, 2009 in Homepage
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Sometimes you just have to let go and go with the flow. I resisted for a long time using the name Rock Falls to identify the waterfall south of Big Creek at Sicily Island Hills Wildlife Management area.  I could find no mention of Rock Falls on a USGS map or in any scientific publication. Recently, I spoke to Lowery Moak of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and he informed me that Rock Falls is the name attributed by locals to this Sicily Island Hills wonder.

Rock Falls is a great name for this waterfall because, well how often do you find rocks or falls either separate or together in Louisiana?  The rock is soft and crumbly and it will not dazzle you with its bright colors but  mosses and ferns like growing on it. The waterfall ebbs and flows with the seasons but I tell you when you first lay eyes on it, especially on a hot, humid, steamy, sultry, sweaty,  Louisiana summer  day, it’s the greatest waterfall you have ever experienced, particularly at that moment.

I am always amazed by how few people know about the waterfalls in Sicily Island Hills or about the Sicily Island Hills in general, even people who live in the vicinity. For photographs and more information on Rock Falls or how to get there, go to my Photo/Maps and Waterfall pages. Over the years I will be photographing this waterfall to see how it changes.

Rock Falls. I like the sound of that. Now I need to find  a farmer or rancher in the area with an old rusty, weathered barn and work out a deal with him or her to paint Rock Falls on the roof….


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