Videos of the Sicily Island Hills

Posted: June 17, 2009 in Homepage

I am aware of at least one video of the Sicily Island Hills area on You Tube showing someone riding four wheelers at a privately owned business outside the boundaries of the wildlife management area. When I make my trip to Louisiana in late July, I plan to make videos of hiking the trails at SIHWMA. So even if you are not able to visit the Sicily Island Hills in person, you will be able to view the terrain and trails by my video. That way you get to enjoy the scenery without the blistering hot and humid conditions, and free from the bite of the millions of mosquitoes there.

While we make jokes about the bugs and weather in the South it is comforting to recall summer excursions…. inside with the warmth of a fireplace during a north Louisiana winter ice storm!

Make sure you have a valid license or stamp issued by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries when you visit the Sicily Island Hills Wildlife Management Area ! This applies for any activity on the WMA, and is not just for fishermen or hunters!

Obviously you do not need a state issued fishing license, hunting license or Wild Louisiana Stamp if you are visiting private property or businesses off of the Wildlife Management Area. But be aware of private property rights as well as current regulations with regards to the WMA.


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