Exploring the Sicily Island Hills

Posted: June 16, 2009 in Homepage, Uncategorized
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Ok, its been awhile since I have posted. I have still been busy behind the scenes researching various aspects of the biology, botany, economy and history of these hills.

If all goes well, in the latter part of July I will be trekking the Sicily Island Hills. Hiking in areas I have never explored at SIHWMA is my goal. Contacting locals in Harrisonburg, Leland, and Sicily Island, I hope will be fruitful in obtaining new insights. I will report on any new findings and will post lots of new photographs. Hopefully there will be wildflowers in bloom.  I trust I will see you there. You will know me by the brown LSU cap I will be wearing.

Speaking of wildflowers,the staff of the University of Louisiana-Monroe Herbarium is in the process of digitizing the specimens of the herbarium collection (refer to the Geography page for a listing of some of the specimens in or near the Sicily Island Hills).  Digitizing is quite an undertaking as the number of specimens (in the hundreds of thousands) is one of the best and largest in the nation. So after the collection is online in a couple of years you and researchers around the world will have access to a treasure trove of botanical work.

And by the way, if you are in the Sicily Island Hills and you see wildflowers, please only take them back home with images from your digital camera and please do not pick the seed heads or dig up the entire plant. The plants are there serving a purpose as part of the ecosystem  and also if you take the seeds or plants you will be taking  part of the view that the next person that comes along would have enjoyed. If you want wildflowers, check out the University of Louisiana-Monroe plant sale held each spring. The plants will be easily transplantable in containers and will give you a more successful planting.


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