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If you could invest just $5.50 for a year and have a great time you would probably pay that wouldn’t you? A Wild Louisiana Stamp from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries ( LDWF) costs that amount and is good at the Sicily Island Hills Wildlife Management Area and all the WMA’s in Louisiana. You are required by state law if you are 16 – 59 years old, to have at least a Wild Louisiana Stamp when you visit a WMA in Louisiana for non fishing or non hunting purposes. So if you birdwatch, hike or just enter a state wildlife management area be aware of the necessity of a LDWF license or stamp.  The income from the stamp program benefits the Louisiana Natural Heritage Program. What is the LNHP you ask? It is the part of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries program for non-game and endangered species.

$5.50 ! Some people wouldn’t think twice about paying that much for a single cup of coffee. A hamburger,fries and soft drink often cost more than that. You get the picture. The LDWF is providing you with statewide places of enjoyment for an entire year. Feel good about plunking down your hard earned money. Once you visit Sicily Island Hills, you will be buying a Wild Louisiana Stamp for birthday gifts, environmental benevolence, office gifts, random acts of kindness and more.

Feel the power of $5.50! The more you purchase Wild Louisiana Stamps for yourself or for friends, the more money goes into research and preservation at all the WMA’s. Likewise, the more Wild Louisiana Stamps purchased, the more awareness of the Louisiana Natural Heritage Program increases

To order a stamp or receive more information, call 888-765-2602
or visit the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
website at

As of this writing you can order a Wild Louisiana Stamp by telephone when you provide your Mastercard or Visa information. An authorization number for your immediate use will be provided and your license will be mailed to you. A service fee will be charged.

Those younger than 16 or older than 60 are exempt from this requirement.


I would be amiss if I did not acknowledge the person who first took me to the waterfall at Sicily Island Hills. A very big thank you to my friend and University of Louisiana-Monroe Professor Emeritus Dr. R. Dale Thomas for allowing me the pleasure of tagging along with one of his field trips to SIH WMA. He set in motion a number of adventures to the waterfall at SIH and beyond. Thank you Dale for your willingness also in answering all my many questions about plants in Sicily Island Hills and innumerable other places. Your generosity in sharing your prodigious knowledge and love of plants has been a blessing revisited again and again.