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It has been, as you can see, quite some time since since I have updated my website. Much of the information is still relevant but if you are going to the Sicily Island Hills, especially for the first time, you should contact the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries for the most current information. I hope to have a new post with photos added to the site.


Snakes, you either love them or hate them. Several species inhabit the Sicily Island Hills. The photograph below is of canebrake rattlesnake observed in April by Kelby Ouchley and friends along the road near the trail head to Rock Falls.

Photograph courtesy of Kelby Ouchley

Snake bites or other injuries that could occur as you trek the rough terrain of the Sicily Island Hills, are all the more reason why it is highly advisable not to travel alone in this area. The help of a friend during a serious situation in these remote hills could save your life. Learning how to deal with snake bites is something too many people put off. Know before you go out in the woods.

Refer to my September 30, 2009 post  for more information on snakes in the Sicily Island Hills. See Archives on left hand side of this page.

What better moments are there in life than sharing beautiful surroundings with your friends?

Photo courtesy of Kelby Ouchley

My friend Kelby Ouchley informed me that during his groups visit to Sicily Island Hills in April that Southern Magnolia, Cockspur hawthorn, Phlox, and lingering Trilliums were in bloom. Additionally, Ebony jewelwing damselflies, and turkeys were seen as well.

On April 21, 2012 the Monroe News Star featured an article about the Sicily Island Hills.

With the kind permission of the News Star, you can link to the article on my Resources page, under the heading: Sources of information on the Sicily Island Hills.

The hyperlink is in red or depending on your browser or device it may appear another color.

I just received correspondence from Lowery Moak of the Sicily Island Hills WMA office with news about the wma. The adult lottery turkey hunt will be wrapping up at Easter and he predicts the  number of turkeys harvested on the wma will be about average, in the range of 6 to 8 birds. He also reported that 3 turkeys were harvested during the annual youth lottery hunt.

The amount of rainfall is about average lately, but the drier, hotter months of summer are ahead.

From a scientific perspective, a southern pine beetle monitoring project will be beginning soon and a group from the University of Louisiana-Monroe will be conducting a herpetology study this spring as well.

Lowery informed me that Clyde Thompson, the technician at the wma, retired in February. I personally would like to thank Clyde for all his hard work at the wma and for his generous answers to my questions over the years. The new technician at Sicily Island Hills is named Kenneth Cowart, and I wish him well in his work at SIHWMA. Without gentlemen like Clyde, Kenneth, Lowery and more, the wildlife management area would not be the place it is today.

Rejoice, Again I say Rejoice!

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The tireless correspondent of the Sicily Island Hills, my son Landon Powers, successfully returned in one piece from a tour of duty in Afghanistan recently. For that, I am very thankful.

For many years botantists have roamed the Sicily Island Hills to document the plant life there. The first known recording of plant life here is that of Clarendon Peck. See my Photos/Map page for his observations

Later, scientists from NLSC, later known as NLU  and now ULM, plus others from LSU and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries detailed their findings. Much of that work is displayed on the lower half of my Geography page on this site, see Geography tab.

Now, the latest to journey across these hills is Chris Reid of the Louisiana Natural Heritage Program. And even though his investigation of plant life here is a work in progress, Chris was kind enough to share his preliminary information for use on this website. The following spread sheet is rather lengthy and will be growing as new data is acquired.

Sicily Island WMA 257 taxa      
Preliminary Plant List        
Compiled by Chris Reid        
April 2011          
Form Scientific Name Common Name Family Origin Voucher Specimen
aquatic herb Potamogeton diversifolius variable-leaf pondweed Potamogetonaceae Native LSU – Allen 2143
bamboo Arundinaria gigantea switchcane Poaceae Native  
fern Asplenium platyneuron ebony spleenwort Aspleniaceae Native LSU – Brown 7379?
fern Woodwardia areolata netted chain fern Blechnaceae Native  
fern Pteridium aquilinum bracken fern Dennstaedtiaceae Native LSU – Brown 7379?
fern Cyrtomium fortunei Fortune’s holly fern Dryopteridaceae Exotic  
fern Polystichum acrostichoides Christmas fern Dryopteridaceae Native  
fern Botrychium biternatum grape fern Ophioglossaceae Native  
fern Osmunda cinnamomea cinnamon fern Osmundaceae Native  
fern Osmunda regalis royal fern Osmundaceae Native LSU – Brown 7377
fern Pleopeltis polypodioides ssp. michauxiana resurrection fern Polypodiaceae Native LSU – Brown 7378
fern Phegopteris hexagonoptera broad beech fern Thelypteridaceae Native LSU – Brown 7374
fern Thelypteris kunthii maiden fern Thelypteridaceae Native  
fern Athyrium filix-femina southern lady fern Woodsiaceae Native LSU – Brown 7353
fern Onoclea sensibilis sensitive fern Woodsiaceae Native  
fern ally Selaginella apoda meadow spikemoss Sellaginellaceae Native LSU – Brown 7356
herb Ruellia pedunculata stalked wild petunia Acanthaceae Native LSU – Allen 2150
herb Manfreda virginica false aloe Agavaceae Native LSU – Allen 2127
herb Sagittaria latifolia arrow-head Alismataceae Native LSU – Curry 535
herb Sagittaria platyphylla Delta duck potato Alismataceae Native LSU – Curry 534
herb Chaerophyllum tainturieri wild chervil Apiaceae Native LSU – Reid 7943
herb Sanicula canadensis sanicle Apiaceae Native LSU – Allen 2129
herb Arisaema triphyllum Jack-in-the-pulpit Araceae Native  
herb Aristolochia serpentaria Dutchman’s pipe Aristolochiaceae Native LSU – Allen 2130
herb Asclepias perennis perennial milkweed Asclepiadaceae Native LSU – Allen 2163
herb Asclepias verticillata whorled milkweed Asclepiadaceae Native LSU – Allen 2121
herb Asclepias viridiflora greenflower milkweed Asclepiadaceae Native NLU – Thomas 19453
herb Matelea decipiens climbing milkweed Asclepiadaceae Native LSU – Thomas
herb Acmella oppositifolia var. repens creeping spot flower Asteraceae Native  
herb Ambrosia trifida giant ragweed Asteraceae Native  
herb Antennaria parlinii ssp. fallax Parlin’s pussytoes Asteraceae Native LSU – Brown 7357
herb Antennaria solitaria single-headed pussytoes Asteraceae Native NLU – Thomas 115237
herb Elephantopus carolinianus elephant’s foot Asteraceae Native  
herb Elephantopus tomentosus elephant’s foot Asteraceae Native LSU – Allen 2114
herb Erechtites hieracifolia burn weed Asteraceae Native  
herb Erigeron philadelphicus daisy fleabane Asteraceae Native LSU – Reid 7941
herb Erigeron tenuis daisy fleabane Asteraceae Native LSU – Reid 7950
herb Eupatorium coelestinum blue mist flower Asteraceae Native  
herb Gamochaeta purpurea cud weed Asteraceae Native LSU – Reid 7939
herb Helianthus hirsutus common wild sunflower Asteraceae Native LSU – Allen 2151
herb Hieracium gronovii hawkweed Asteraceae Native LSU – Allen 2120
herb Krigia dandelion potato dwarfdandelion Asteraceae Native LSU – Reid 7960
herb Lactuca canadensis Canada wild lettuce Asteraceae Native LSU – Allen 2133
herb Liatris elegans pink scale blazing star Asteraceae Native LSU – Luckner 211
herb Mikania cordifolia climbing hemp vine Asteraceae Native LSU – Reid 4119
herb Packera glabella yellow top Asteraceae Native LSU – Reid 7936
herb Pluchea sp. camphor weed Asteraceae Native  
herb Prenanthes altissima rattlesnake root Asteraceae Native NLU – Thomas 4398
herb Solidago caesia blue goldenrod Asteraceae Native  
herb Sonchus asper prickly sow thistle Asteraceae Exotic LSU – Reid 7935
herb Vernonia texana Texas ironweed Asteraceae Native LSU – Allen 2124
herb Myosotis verna woodland forget-me-not Boraginaceae Native LSU – Reid 7944
herb Tillandsia usneoides Spanish-moss Bromeliaceae Native LSU – Allen 2148
herb Callitriche pedunculosa terrestrial starwort Callitrichaceae Native LSU – Reid 7963
herb Lobelia cardinalis cardinal flower Campanulaceae Native  
herb Lobelia puberula var. simulans downy lobelia Campanulaceae Native LSU – Brown 7368
herb Triodanis perfoliata Venus’ looking glass Campanulaceae Native LSU – Reid 7961
herb Stellaria media chickweed Caryophyllaceae Exotic LSU – Reid 7945
herb Hypericum drummondii nits and lice Clusiaceae Native LSU – Allen 2142
herb Hypericum mutilum mud St. John’s wort Clusiaceae Native  
herb Commelina virginica Virginia dayflower Commelinaceae Native  
herb Ipomoea pandurata wild potatoe vine Convolvulaceae Native LSU – Allen 2135
herb Penthorum sedoides ditch stonecrop Crassulaceae Native  
herb Carex albicans var. ? whitetinge caric sedge Cyperaceae Native LSU – Reid 7933
herb Carex albicans var. australis whitetinge caric sedge Cyperaceae Native LSU – Reid 7964
herb Carex basiantha Willdenow’s caric sedge Cyperaceae Native LSU – Reid 7930
herb Carex caroliniana Carolina caric sedge Cyperaceae Native LSU – Reid 7947
herb Carex cherokeensis Cherokee caric sedge Cyperaceae Native  
herb Carex debilis white edge caric sedge Cyperaceae Native LSU – Reid 7929
herb Carex digitalis slender woodland caric sedge Cyperaceae Native LSU – Reid 7931
herb Carex flaccosperma thinfruit caric sedge Cyperaceae Native LSU – Reid 7948
herb Carex leavenworthii Leavenworth’s caric sedge Cyperaceae Native LSU – Reid 7946
herb Carex reniformis kidneyshape caric sedge Cyperaceae Native LSU – Reid 7937
herb Carex striatula lined caric sedge Cyperaceae Native  
herb Carex vulpinoidea fox caric sedge Cyperaceae Native LSU – Thomas 19213
herb Cyperus iria rice-field flat sedge Cyperaceae Exotic LSU – Allen 2156A
herb Cyperus virens green flat sedge Cyperaceae Native LSU – Allen 2154
herb Fimbristylis autumnalis autumnal fimbry Cyperaceae Exotic LSU – Ziser 196
herb Fimbristylis miliacea globe fimbry Cyperaceae Exotic  
herb Isolepis carinata keeled bulrush Cyperaceae Native LSU – Reid 7962
herb Rhynchospora mixta beaksedge Cyperaceae Native  
herb Scirpus cyperinus wooly sedge Cyperaceae Native  
herb Scleria oligantha woods nut sedge Cyperaceae Native LSU – Allen 2119
herb Dioscorea oppositifolia wild yam Dioscoreaceae Native  
herb Amphicarpea bracteata southern hogpeanut Fabaceae Native  
herb Baptisia nuttalliana false indigo Fabaceae Native LSU – Reid 7954
herb Centrosema virginianum butterfly pea Fabaceae Native LSU – Allen 2136
herb Crotalaria sagittalis rattlebox Fabaceae Native LSU – Allen 2140
herb Desmodium cuspidatum largebract ticktrefoil Fabaceae Native LSU – Brown 7367
herb Desmodium nudiflorum bare-stem ticktrefoil Fabaceae Native LSU – Allen 2118
herb Dioclea multiflora Boykin’s clusterpea Fabaceae Native  
herb Mimosa strigillosa powder puff Fabaceae Native LSU – Allen 2123
herb Geranium sp. geranium Geraniaceae Native  
herb Hydrolea uniflora smooth hydrolea Hydrophyllaceae Native LSU – Brown 6006
herb Nemophila aphylla blue eyes Hydrophyllaceae Native LSU – 7949
herb Juncus coriaceus stiff rush Juncaceae Native  
herb Luzula echinata hedgehog woodrush Juncaceae Native LSU – Givens 4439
herb Perilla frutescens beefsteak plant Lamiaceae Exotic  
herb Pycnanthemum albescens mountain mint Lamiaceae Native LSU – Thomas 138127
herb Trillium ludovicianum trillium Liliaceae Native NLU – Thomas 103598
herb Linum medium var. texanum Texas flax Linaceae Native LSU – Allen 2147
herb Spigelia marilandica Indian pink Loganiaceae Native  
herb Hibiscus lasiocarpus wooly mallow Malvaceae Native LSU – Ziser 202
herb Ludwigia decurrens winged water-primrose Onagraceae Native LSU – Luckner 197
herb Ludwigia palustris marsh purslane Onagraceae Native LSU – Allen 2144
herb Ludwigia peploides water-willow Onagraceae Native LSU – Allen 2155
herb Listera australis southern twayblade Orchidaceae Native LSU – Givens 4444
herb Tipularia discolor cranefly orchid Orchidaceae Native LSU – Givens 4436
herb Epifagus virginiana beech drops Orobanchaceae Native LSU – Brown 7366
herb Oxalis corniculata yellow wood sorrel Oxalidaceae Native LSU – Reid 7934
herb Oxalis rubra red wood sorrel Oxalidaceae    
herb Oxalis violacea oxalis Oxalidaceae Native LSU – Givens 4447
herb Passiflora incarnata passionflower Passafloraceae Native LSU – Allen 2149
herb Passiflora lutea yellow passionflower Passafloraceae Native LSU – Allen 2132
herb Aristida oligantha prairie threeawn Poaceae Native LSU – Brown 7351
herb Aristida purpurascens var. purpurascens arrowfeather threeawn Poaceae Native LSU – Brown 7365
herb Brachyelytrum erectum brachyelytrum Poaceae Native  
herb Chasmanthium laxum var. laxum woods oats Poaceae Native  
herb Chasmanthium laxum var. sessiliflorum woods oats Poaceae Native LSU – Allen 2115
herb Dichanthelium boscii panic grass Poaceae Native  
herb Dichanthelium commutatum panic grass Poaceae Native LSU – Brown 7352
herb Dichanthelium dichotomum panic grass Poaceae Native  
herb Dichanthelium dichotomum ssp. yadkinense panic grass Poaceae Native LSU – Reid 7956
herb Dichanthelium sp. pacic grass Poaceae Native LSU – Reid 7957
herb Dichanthelium sphaerocarpon panic grass Poaceae Native LSU – Brown
herb Dichanthelium sphaerocarpon var. isophyllum leafy panic grass Poaceae Native  
herb Digitaria ciliaris crab grass Poaceae Native LSU – Allen 2156
herb Leerisia virginica Virginia whitegrass Poaceae Native  
herb Melica mutica melic grass Poaceae Native LSU – Givens 4446
herb Oplismenus setarius shadegrass Poaceae Native  
herb Panicum rigidulum var. rigidulum red-top panicum Poaceae Native  
herb Phanopyrum gymnocarpon savannah panicum Poaceae Native  
herb Poa autumnalis autumnal blue grass Poaceae Native LSU – Reid 7938
herb Saccharum giganteum giant plume grass Poaceae Native  
herb Phlox pilosa phlox Polemoniaceae Native LSU- Givens 4448
herb Polygonum hydropiperoides water pepper smartweed Polygonaceae Native  
herb Polygonum virginianum jumpseed Polygonaceae Native  
herb Heteranthera reniformis roundleaf mud plantain Pontederiaceae Native  
herb Clematis sp. clematis Ranunculaceae Native  
herb Ranunculus recurvatus hooked buttercup Ranunculaceae Native  
herb Rubus trivialis southern dewberry Rosaceae Native  
herb Galium pilosum hairy bedstraw Rubiaceae Native LSU – Allen 2122
herb Galium tinctorium stiff marsh bedstraw Rubiaceae Native LSU – Reid 7940
herb Galium uniflorum oneflower bedstraw Rubiaceae Native LSU – Allen 2116
herb Houstonia micrantha white bluets Rubiaceae Native LSU – Givens 4451
herb Houstonia rosea pink bluets Rubiaceae Native LSU – Givens 4452
herb Saururus cernuus lizard’s tail Saururaceae Native  
herb Agalinis tenuifolia narrowleaf false foxglove Scrophulariaceae Native LSU – Thomas 130855
herb Gratiola virginiana Virginia waterhyssop Scrophulariaceae Native LSU – Givens 4441
herb Mimulus alatus monkey flower Scrophulariaceae Native LSU – Allen 2164
herb Penstemon laxiflorus nodding beardtongue Scrophulariaceae Native LSU – Allen 2125
herb Veronica peregrina neckweed Scrophulariaceae Native LSU – Reid 7942
herb Boehmeria cylindirca bog hemp Urticaceae Native LSU – Brown 7372
herb Viola sp. violets Violaceae Native  
herb Viola walteri Walter’s violet Violaceae Native  
shrub Yucca filamentosa beargrass Agavaceae Native  
shrub Ilex decidua deciduous holly Aquifoliaceae Native  
shrub Sabal minor palmetto Aracaceae Native  
shrub Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis elderberry Caprifoliaceae Native  
shrub Viburnum dentatum arrow-wood Caprifoliaceae Native  
shrub Euonymus americana strawberry bush Celastraceae Native  
shrub Hypericum hypericoides St. Andrews cross Clusiaceae Native  
shrub Vaccinium arboreum tree huckleberry Ericaceae Native  
shrub Vaccinium elliottii Elliott’s huckleberry Ericaceae Native  
shrub Erythrina herbacea Mamou Fabaceae Native  
shrub Hamamelis virginiana witch hazel Hamamelidaceae Native LSU – Allen 2138
shrub Aesculus pavia red buckeye Hippocastanaceae Native LSU – Givens 4453
shrub Hydrangea quercifolia oak-leaf hydrangea Hydrangeaceae Native LSU – Allen 2131
shrub Myrica cerifera waxmyrtle Myricaceae Native  
shrub Forestiera acuminata swamp privet Oleaceae Native  
shrub Crataegus marshallii parsley hawthorn Rosaceae Native  
shrub Crataegus pruinosa waxyfruit hawthorn Rosaceae Native LSU – Reid 
shrub Crataegus spathulata littlehip hawthorn Rosaceae Native LSU – Reid 7953
shrub Crateagus sp. hawthorn Rosaceae Native LSU – Reid 7951
shrub Rubus argutus blackberry Rosaceae Native  
shrub Mitchella repens partirdge berry Rubiaceae Native  
shrub Sideroxylon lanuginosa ssp. oblongifolium chittim wood Sapotaceae Native LSU – Givens 4443
shrub Sideroxylon lycioides buckthorn bumelia Sapotaceae Native LSU – Thomas 19089
shrub Styrax grandifolia bigleaf snowbell Styracaceae Native  
shrub Symplocos tinctoria sweetleaf Symplocaceae Native  
shrub Stewartia malacodendron silky camelia Theaceae Native LSU – Allen 2152
shrub Planera aquatica planertree Ulmaceae Native  
shrub Callicarpa americana French mulberry Verbenaceae Native  
tree Acer negundo boxelder Aceraceae Native  
tree Acer rubrum var. rubrum red maple Aceraceae Native LSU – Brown 6009
tree Rhus copallinum winged sumac Anacardiaceae Native LSU – Allen 2126
tree Ilex opaca American holly Aquifoliaceae Native  
tree Aralia spinosa Devil’s walking-stick Araliaceae Native  
tree Betula nigra river birch Betulaceae Native  
tree Carpinus carolinianus bluebeech Betulaceae Native  
tree Ostrya virginiana eastern hophornbeam Betulaceae Native  
tree Cornus drummondii rough-leaf dogwood Cornaceae Native  
tree Cornus florida flowering dogwood Cornaceae Native  
tree Juniperus virginiana eastern red cedar Cupressaceae Native  
tree Diospyros virginiana persimmon Ebenaceae Native  
tree Oxydendrum arboreum sourwood Ericaceae Native  
tree Cercis canadensis eastern redbud Fabaceae Native  
tree Gleditsia triacanthos honeylocust Fabaceae Native  
tree Robinia pseudoacacia black locust Fabaceae Native  
tree Fagus grandifolia American beech Fagaceae Native  
tree Quercus alba white oak Fagaceae Native  
tree Quercus falcata southern red oak Fagaceae Native  
tree Quercus lyrata overcup oak Fagaceae Native  
tree Quercus marilandica blackjack oak Fagaceae Native  
tree Quercus michauxii cow oak Fagaceae Native  
tree Quercus nigra water oak Fagaceae Native  
tree Quercus pagoda cherrybark oak Fagaceae Native  
tree Quercus phellos willow oak Fagaceae Native  
tree Quercus shumardii Shumard oak Fagaceae Native  
tree Quercus stellata post oak Fagaceae Native  
tree Quercus texana Nuttall oak Fagaceae Native  
tree Liquidambar styraciflua sweetgum Hamamelidaceae Native  
tree Carya alba mockernut hickory Juglandaceae Native  
tree Carya aquatica bitter pecan Juglandaceae Native  
tree Carya ovata shagbark hickory Juglandaceae Native  
tree Sassafras albidum sassafras Lauraceae Native  
tree Liriodendron tulipifera yellow poplar Magnoliaceae Native  
tree Magnolia acuminata cucumber tree Magnoliaceae Native  
tree Magnolia grandiflora southern magnolia Magnoliaceae Native  
tree Magnolia macrophylla bigleaf magnolia Magnoliaceae Native  
tree Magnolia virginiana sweetbay magnolia Magnoliaceae Native  
tree Morus rubra red mulberry Moraceae Native  
tree Nyssa sylvatica blackgum Nyssaceae Native  
tree Fraxinus americana white ash Oleaceae Native  
tree Pinus echinata shortleaf pine Pinaceae Native  
tree Pinus taeda loblolly pine Pinaceae Native  
tree Platanus occidentalis sycamore Platanceae Native  
tree Amelanchier arborea service berry Rosaceae Native  
tree Prunus serotina black cherry Rosaceae Native  
tree Zanthoxylum clava-herculis tootheache tree Rutaceae Native  
tree Populus heterophylla swamp cottonwood Salicaceae Native LSU – Brown 6008
tree Salix nigra black willow Salicaceae Native  
tree Halesia diptera silverbell Styracaceae Native  
tree Taxodium distichum baldcypress Taxodiaceae Native  
tree Tilia caroliniana basswood Tiliaceae Native  
tree Celtis laevigata hackberry Ulmaceae Native  
tree Ulmus alata winged elm Ulmaceae Native  
tree Ulmus americana American elm Ulmaceae Native  
tree Ulmus crassifolia cedar elm Ulmaceae Native  
woody vine Toxicodendron radicans poison ivy Anacardiaceae Native  
woody vine Trachelospermum difforme climbing dogbane Apocynaceae Native LSU – Brown 6007
woody vine Bignonia capreolata crossvine Bignoniaceae Native LSU – Allen 2146
woody vine Campsis radicans trumpet creeper Bignoniaceae Native LSU – Ziser 200
woody vine Lonicera japonica Japanese honeysuckle Caprifoliaceae Exotic LSU – Ziser 193
woody vine Decumaria barabara climbing hydrangea Hydrangeaceae Native  
woody vine Gelsemium sempervirens yellow jasmine Loganiaceae Native  
woody vine Brunnichia ovata ladies’ ear-drops Polygonaceae Native  
woody vine Berchemia scandens rattan vine Rhamnaceae Native  
woody vine Schisandra glabra bay star vine Schisandraceae Native NLU – Thomas 116202
woody vine Smilax hispida hispid greenbrier Smilacaceae Native  
woody vine Smilax laurifolia laurel greenbrier Smilacaceae Native  
woody vine Smilax pumila dwarf greenbrier Smilacaceae Native  
woody vine Smilax rotundifolia common greenbrier Smilacaceae Native  
woody vine Smilax smallii lanceleaf greenbrier Smilacaceae Native  
woody vine Ampelopsis arborea pepper vine Vitaceae Native  
woody vine Parthenocissus quinquefolia Virginia creeper Vitaceae Native  
woody vine Vitis rotundifolia muscadine Vitaceae Native  

RVing in the Sicily Island Hills

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The Sicily Island Hills are a great place to go camping but you will be more comfortable if you bring an RV.  Primitive camp sites with no facilities await the visitor. So if you want a bathroom, electricity or water, you must bring your own. Travelers within this wildlife management area (wma) encounter generally good gravel roads. Due to seasonal heavy down pours road conditions are subject to change but that is not a reflection on the wma staff.  Rather, the soils and the climate of these hills are game changers.

The southern entrance off of LA 8 to the area is quite different and the situation limits the size of your RV. After entering the wildlife management area, the driver will soon find a moderately steep hill with a curve. Additionally, the gravel is loose making travel difficult, so larger RV’s are not advised. I do not know a hard-and-fast rule for how large a rig you can take into this wma. To suggest a size would be speculation. Personally, I have visited these hills dozens of times and never seen a vehicle larger than a full-size pick up truck. If you visit the Sicily Island Hills for the first time it might be wise to come in a pick up and evaluate the roads yourself. Should you be coming from a great distance, you might call the staff ahead of time to inquire about road conditions.

The north side entrance to the Sicily Island Hills WMA provides better access for motor homes and trailers.

The Sicily Island Hills did not receive the same kind of winter precipitation that occurred in February of 2010. Only a little freezing rain was reported in early February by Clyde Thompson the LDWF technician at SIHWMA.

Soon turkey hunting will be in full swing,  check the LDWF website for details on turkey hunting at Sicily Island Hills Wildlife Management Area.

Stormy Start to February

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A storm system moved through the Sicily Island Hills today bringing heavy rain and strong winds.